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Risk Sizing

Any time that there is an opportunity to enter a trade a successful trader should know exactly how much they can afford to lose at a moment's notice based on their trading plan and strategy.

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R3 Systems

A trader can easily create specific R3 Systems for each market when combining their Risk Sizing strategy with their automated exit strategies.

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RVR Schedules

A trader will now have the ability to create a unique blend of rules for their trades to follow after engaging in a trade based on the trade's Reward versus Risk (RVR) ratios.

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R3 Alerts

R3 Alerts provides guidance on possible favorable market conditions through confluences. These easy to see Alerts will let you know when probable entries for trend continuation or reversals may exist.

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Latest News

R3 Systems: Timing and Execution

Evaluating all your open risk in an account alone to properly risk size could easily make you miss a trade or even worse get into that trade late. R3 Trader gives you the ability to execute all of these time consuming tasks at computer speed.

R3 Systems gives you the trader the ability to wrap a Risk Sizing model and RVR Schedule exit model into a one, easy to use, 1-Click environment.

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When It Comes to Risk... Size Matters

Risk Sizing is the most important part of any system, because if you have a good, positive expectancy system, then most of your profits will come from efficient Risk Sizing strategies. You can typically use a fairly simple system and still make a lot of money if you adequately size your trades.

We at R3 Trader believe that a trader should never risk any more than 2% of their account balance on any given trading opportunity for proper risk management.

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Do I need other software to use R3 Trader?
Currently R3 Trader operates as a strategy plug-in on the execution platform NinjaTrader.

Do I need to use a specific broker or data feed to trade with R3 Trader?
R3 Trader may be used with any broker and data feed that supports trade execution utilizing the NinjaTrader platform.

What are the system requirements to use R3 Trader?
A trading machine or setup should at a minimum be a dual core processor with 4GB of RAM. We would recommend these minimal parameters to run R3 Trader sufficiently.

What support do you offer?
Please view the "Resources" page for general self-help videos.  R3 Trader provides access to more in depth instructional videos, email support, and technical phone support if necessary after software purchase. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you offer custom programming or system integration?
This is a possibility depending on the features and efficiency that may mutually benefit both parties. All trade secrets will be proprietary to the party with ownership. The costs will vary and be determined and agreed upon prior to performing.

Does R3 Trader offer a replay feature?
We utilize NinjaTrader's robust market replay feature in conjunction with the R3 Trader strategy to back test for results. You can back test all of your R3 Systems created to see how they faired in the markets you trade.

Is R3 Trader a "Black Box" trading system?
No, R3 Trader is not a "Black Box" trading system. However, if you have a strategy that you'd like to trade; you do have the option to Auto Trade the signals with R3 Trader.

Can I use my license on more than one PC?
With your single user license you can use R3 Trader on any PC you trade with. However, you will not be able to log in with R3 Trader simultaneously on more than one PC/trading platform.

Where can I find more information on R3 Trader?
There are regular webinars being given that explains R3 Trader and its features in detail. You can sign up by submitting the form on the "Webinars" page.


How much does it cost?
Please review the "Pricing" page. 

Is there a FREE trial?
No, a free trial is not offered at this time.

Is there a refund policy if I don't like the product?
All sales are final.

Risk Sizing 101

What is Risk Sizing?
Risk Sizing is knowing exactly how many shares, contracts, or lots should be traded on each trade based on the initial defined Stop Loss. The initial defined Stop Loss allows the trader to determine monetarily how much can be afforded to be at risk on any given trade excluding slippage.

Why is Risk Sizing so important in trading?
Most traders don't have a Risk Sizing strategy to begin with and often over trade when they see trading opportunities. When you over trade on your opportunities the probability in blowing up your account or reaching your risk of ruin drastically increases. In a game of probabilities a trader must control what he/she can only control and that is risk. One has to be able to manage what is inevitable and that is, losing streaks. The combination of percent risk per trade and Reward Versus Risk (RVR) ratios can provide favorable or tolerable percent chance of ruin. For example, if you trade 5% of your account balance per trade along with a target RVR of 3:1 then statistically there exists a 0.67% chance of ruin. Trading 2% with a target RVR of 3:1 exists a 0.16% chance of ruin. And the option we prefer is trading 1% with a RVR target of 2:1 with a 0.70% chance of ruin. As you can see with proper Risk Sizing one can limit the odds of losing their whole account.

In what ways can R3 Trader risk size?
Currently we have three ways that you can risk size. (1) You can define a maximum risk percentage of your account balance which is also known as fixed fractional Risk Sizing (2) You can risk size based on recent pivot highs and lows with an offset by accounting for the number of look back bars prior to trade entry 3) You can risk size based on a measurement of volatility while using the popular Average True Range indicator.

How does R3 Trader account for commission cost and/or slippage when Risk Sizing?
R3 Trader took into consideration these various elements that may cause the risk size to be in jeopardy of over sizing when trade execution occurs. We accounted for the elements we can control and that is commission cost and the potential loss of all open trades based on its Stop Loss value in a singular account. The only variable out of our control would be for slippage and the price in which your trade fills. So each new trade would factor in commission cost and Stop Loss values of all open trades when Risk Sizing.

RVR Schedule 101

What does RVR stand for?
RVR stands for Reward Versus Risk (RVR) ratio.

Why is the RVR ratio so important?
This RVR ratio is the key in discovering a positive expectancy trading strategy.

What does a RVR Schedule do?
We created an automated trade management system utilizing the power of RVR ratios or RVR Levels. Under the Golden Rule of trading where you let your profits run and cut your losses short; we automated how you can exit your trade based on what trailing stop rule you choose based on your trade hitting a specific RVR Level.

What "Stops" can you choose when creating a RVR Level?
At each specified RVR Level you can choose to trail your trade using the following stops: (1) Trail Stop (2) Bar Trail (3) ATR Trail (4) % Retracement (5) Breakeven (6) Time.

R3 System 101

What is a R3 System?
A R3 System is the custom trading system that you build when you combine your Risk Sizing strategy with your RVR Schedule. This way you have Risk Sizing and exit management automated.

How many R3 Systems can one build?
You can create and build unlimited R3 Systems. Every market has its own behavioral tendencies so you can create a R3 System for each market and strategy you trade.

Is a R3 System the same as the NinjaTrader ATM?
No, it is not the same. It's similar in that the ATM allows you to manage the trade with specific and defined profit targets. The ATM allows for a fixed trade size for every trade and your trades are exited at defined tick moves. The ATM is great, but also limited. The core strength of a R3 System is that it risk sizes dynamically and the exit management utilizes RVR Levels so that your trades can truly run with market volatility. So when the market trends you can watch your profits run!

If I can code my own trading strategies, can I automate my trading with a R3 System?
YES! This Auto Trade feature is a privilege available only in R3 Trader ELITE. You will need to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request the coding to bridge your strategy with the R3 Trader strategy.


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